Clinical Research Centre

The Clinical Research Centre (CRC) aims at promoting clinical resarch in the outpatient clinical setting Pôle Santé by developping a translational research linked to the charter of exclence of Pôle Santé.

Clinical research refers to patient-oriented research, in contrast to basic research that is laboratory-based research involving cells, tissues and animals.

This Ambulatory Clinical Research Center is mandated to offer the services of senior clinical specialists. It ensures the quality of the clinical trials in compliance with the current regulations.

These clinical research professionals are organized into two units:

  • The methodological support unit, provides a reflection on the methodological framework as well as assistance in the analyzes of data from studies in clinical research.


  • The Clinical Investigation Unit, provides logistics and infrastructure for clinical studies.


  • Psychiatric and neurocognitive assessment unit, provides on-site (« flying raters ») or remote evaluation on the basis of direct call to patients involved in clinical trials and provides also clinical reviewing on the basis of multimedia recorded assessments.


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